FELLOWS of the Foundation

To address our purpose and mission, the Foundation engages the competencies, experience, and insights of a global network of elected “Fellows" of the Foundation.



To engage its purpose/mission, the Foundation draws on the competencies, experience, and insights of a global network of “Fellows" of the Foundation who contribute to strategy, research, governance and programs.

Fellows will include academic, agency and government leaders, field practitioners, scientists, researchers, ethicists, domain and cultural context experts, scholars in the social and bio sciences and the humanities, knowledge management experts, and many others. Fellows  may be independent or be functioning in government, academic, agency, NGO, or commercial contexts.

 Fellows and Associates are elected for one-year terms and such terms may be extended by the Board at its discretion.

 All Fellows and Associates participate under the leadership and direction of the President, contribute to governance by providing guidance on strategic direction as facilitated by the board, and are selectively convened as team members around specific research, projects and consultative work.

 Fellows and Associates are recognized on the Foundation website and convene from time-to-time and at least annually via electronic or physical meetings for knowledge sharing, to review strategy, and to affirm member guidance to the Board.

 The Board is considering a membership class for organizations – providing NGOs, CSOs, international agencies and commercial organizations with a means to support and participate in the Foundation. Such organization members would have a designated individual as their official, voting representative. More on this soon...