Paige Fitzsimmons

Bioethics & Society MA Candidate
King’s College London

Paige is a Canadian currently living in the United Kingdom while pursuing a Master of Arts in
Bioethics & Society at King’s College London. She is taking an interdisciplinary approach to the
study of ethics and policy in relation to health and the biome. She has a Bachelor of Science in
Biology from the University of British Columbia, and before pursing bioethics she worked as an
Aquatic Science Technician in the Molecular Genetics Laboratory for the Department of
Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Outside of the workplace she volunteered as a crisis response worker helping those in need of mental health support in both the short and long term. Through these experiences she was exposed to many environmental, governmental and health-related policies that she felt could be improved upon and which inspired her return to graduate school. She is currently researching the moral implications of the upcoming adoption of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing by the National Health Service in the UK and the effect this will have on expectant mothers. In the future she hopes to work within an ethical framework to make healthcare, policy and aid most efficacious on an individual, institutional and global level.