Lisa Kearns, MS, MA

Senior Research Associate, NYU School of Medicine’s Division of Medical Ethics

Lisa Kearns, MS, MA, is a member of the Division’s Working Group on Compassionate Use and Pre-Approval Access (CUPA), and much of her research has been done in this area. She has spoken and published extensively on state and federal “right to try” legislation. She has been involved with the Compassionate Use Advisory Committee since its inception. 

CompAC is a first-of-its kind pilot project formed in 2015 at the request of Janssen Pharmaceuticals to provide guidance on the fair and transparent allocation of a scarce investigational drug to patients outside of clinical trials. The project has since been expanded into several committees, comprising medical experts, bioethicists, and patient representatives, for other drugs in development by Janssen. Kearns is the deputy chair of the CompAC Oncology and Neuro/Psych panels. 

Other areas of interest include research integrity and ethics, public health ethics, and ethical issues surrounding the federal Precision Medicine Initiative. She has an MA in philosophy from UNC Chapel Hill and an MS in bioethics from Columbia.

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AFDavid CurryAssociate Fellow