George Gelber

Director, BealesGelber Consult

George Gelber is an economist, author and editor with long and varied experience in international development and human rights gained through work in Christian Aid, CIIR, CAFOD and Development Initiatives.

Initially focused on Latin America development and human rights issues in the 1970s and 1980s he subsequently set up CAFOD’s Public Policy Unit, which provides policy input for CAFOD’s campaigns. He led CAFOD’s advocacy on international trade, the global electronics industry, mining and its impact on rural communities. George is an experienced writer, editor, interviewer and facilitator.

As a consultant, George has evaluated, advised and researched on the impact of aid policies, bringing to light the experience of communities on the receiving end of aid and private sector development, working for the ILO, CAFOD, HelpAge, Jesuit Missions and the British Council among others. George is a board member of the Latin America Bureau and of INTRAC.

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