Ranana Dine

Emmanuel College
University of Cambridge

Ranana Dine is currently pursuing an MPhil in Health, Medicine, and Society at the University of Cambridge. Upon graduating from Williams College magna cum laude in 2016 she received the Hershel Smith Fellowship for two years of graduate study at Cambridge. Last year she completed the MPhil in theology at Cambridge.

A Silver Spring, Maryland native, Ranana double majored in religion, and art history and practice while at Williams. Alongside these two majors she developed a specialty in the history and philosophy of medicine, undertaking coursework on subjects like justice within medical ethics, the history of American medicine, history of science, and global and public health. A paper from her time at Williams on the legality of abortion in Colonial America won the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics undergraduate paper prize in 2016.

While at Cambridge, Ranana has worked on various topics related to the interconnections of religion, medicine and the arts. Her work on Christian theology included an analysis of Julian of Norwich’s use of medicinal language for God. Her dissertation last year discussed the role of Jewish aesthetics in the English Reformation. Her upcoming dissertation will look into how Catholic and Jewish law changed in the 20th century to allow for the traditional mourning and burial of suicides, and what this might signify for the religious burial of assisted suicides in the future as the procedure becomes legal in several countries and states.

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