Mark Capaldi, PhD

Lecturer, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRPS), Mahidol University, Thailand

Mark Capaldi has worked directly with child-led organizations on issues such as street children and working children, and has also implemented projects on children in conflict with the law, on violence and abuse against children and addressing the vulnerability of children of internally displaced persons and as child migrants. Much of this work has been in South and East Asia, where Mark has lived for over 20 years where he worked with Concern Worldwide, PACT Inc. and Save the Children UK.

As Deputy Director of ECPAT International (2001-2011), Mark Capaldi promoted the work and vision of the ECPAT network to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Mark supported a wide range of programming in all regions of the world, including areas such as: combating child sex tourism; legal reform; care and protection; preventing exploitation of children through the internet and information technology; anti-trafficking initiatives; and the promotion of child and youth participation. He also provided technical input for the expansion and strengthening of the ECPAT network, partnerships and advocacy work. From June 2011 to April 2018, Mark Capaldi took on the role of ECPAT’s Head of Research and Policy.

Mark Capaldi has a doctorate degree with the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRPS) at Mahidol University, Bangkok. The research topic of his dissertation was children’s agency within independent child migration in Thailand.  He is now a full time lecturer at the IHRPS where he manages courses, carries out research and teaches under the Institute’s various academic programmes. His research areas of particular interest include issues around child rights, ethical approaches to researching vulnerable groups, and human trafficking and migration.

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